Dec 14, 2009

My Philosophical thing

On being different

"Everything in the universe is DiFFERENT from each other.

No grain of sand is the same as another.

No grain of sand is the same as a stone or a drop of water.

There are two kinds of DIFFeRENT.

First is a difference between the same type of matter.

Second is a difference between the different type of matter.

Do you ever think about it.


1st Qoute is;
"Dont tell me how educated you are but tell me how much have you travel" -Muhammad
2nd Qoute is;
"Don't judge a book by it's cover" -Anonymous

People normally have a different view to phrases like these. Some may agree while some may say it's bad. What do you think?

TRAVELING around for five years now has introduced me to people from every walk of lifes and of course with different character and personality. The more we interact with various of people the better we get at this learnable skill.
The fact is, not everybody speak English. So as a simple conclusion we cant understand what people say in every places of the world. In that kind of situation, nothing else can be understood except their body language.
Non-verbal communication sign such how people act, move, make face, tone of voice are really important. It can helps us to figure out what Arabs trying to say with their three or four words of English. Or what people really feel about something by their way of standing or looking.

So back to the qoute. We often hear people say that 'we cant read people' because we may cast judgment on what they are actually not. But i dont think not so true.

Knowing to read people can help to determine whether the taxi driver is taking shortcut of dragging the charge meter. Sometimes we can can tell if the shop owner is giving us the best price or when older people taking advantage of our less age.
By the way I'm not saying all the first impression is correct but it can help us judge and predict the occurances.

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