Dec 15, 2009

a day as journalist

'Most of the people' get very excited when meeting a reporter, writer, journalist or whatever name they put name to it.

Some show interest to be among us. But for some who were given chance to do it, they 'retreat' just after one day. Many quit the job because their expectation didnt met in this line. We are not working from 9 to 5.

Im here just sharing some part of the journalism world so that some of you can take a glance, or maybe helping them to think twice.

So working in the press line basically can be described like these photos.

1-sometimes we do work quite easy.

2-sometimes we having a really hard times.

3-sometimes we do lost in searching a direction, story angle or even worst when we get scooped.

4-We only leave office after all our story have been checked by editor.

5-Some will bring some work back home.

6-Then only we can sleep with peace...!!!

Circle of Frens

the one who never tired

the one who always in hands each other

another one..

the one who always make us laugh, like this one

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