Dec 22, 2009

On my Assignment

  • 4th week of Disember
the super tiring 40km jungle ride trails

Just came back from Monsoon Ride in Semuji Agro Resort in Pahang, Malaysia.

An inaugural event that gathered almost 400 cyclist.

A pure 40 km jungle ride. The trail are tougher than anyone imagine. Cycling on roots and rocks, crossing river and swamp.. for now i am so tire to write. will upload photos later.

  • 3rd week of 2009

Kawasaki KLX 150 S

Just came back from Kawasaki KLX150 Test Ride in Bonah, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, Msia.
Im not writing the review now, but just as a splash of information, I think this going to be a new offroad bike that will be preferred by many.
After more than 200 km of riding (including 60 km offroad section) nothing much can be complained except hard cushion (not mean for long ride though :P) . Everything works just fine...

- light control
- very trustful brek
- suspension is playfully good
- good gear ratio/ powerful enuf for offroad
- is too good to be true...on road of offroad. tell u later!

i lost my Oakley Monster Pup at this event, not so happy about 'the way' I lose it.
Why people still have to take others' belonging if they can't buy it ?

Updates : Here is the link for the KLX250 S as were published in Utusan Msia.

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