Feb 19, 2010

On my mission

My latest adventures takes me to the Komodo Islands, West Flores, Indonesia.
Im off from Malaysia for five days from 20 to 25 Feb...journey takes 5 hours-three airports, two boat to one big SHIP. 26 meter yacht.

Some information about the island:
Komodo is one of the 17,000 islands that make up the Republic of Indonesia. From what i heard the island has over 2,000 inhabitants. Just to remind myself to be extra careful while in the island because most of the resident of the island are descendants of former convicts who live in exiled.
But maybe they are now less harmful :) since marriage mixed themselves with the Bugis. Now they all are in peaceful blend of Muslim, Christian and Hindu minorities.

Komodo is part of the Lesser Sunda chain of islands and of course part of the Komodo National Park. What commonly notable here is the native Komodo dragon, The DRAGON (reason no 1 why i'm coming)..it's your time now to be hunted. In addition, the island is a popular destination for diving
(reason no 2 why i'm coming).

The first reported human visitor to the Island was Dutch Officer Van Steyn van Hensbroek in 1910.
..now my turn!

Main objectives is to see this...

and trying my luck whether I can see one of these...

LATEST UPDATES: The Komodo Island is one of the best place I've visited so far.
Mission Accomplished
WE did saw a large group of manta, dolphins, sharks. A whale shark was replaced with this :

still no time to complete this story, but will come out soon..


  1. Mission acomplished: saw lot of mantas, sahrks, dolphin, eagel, komodo dragon and lot of sealife. Story will come up later..

  2. mmg best..byk tgk dunia luar bdk ni..otai..tu x crita dia fight dgn arus lg..keke.