Nov 26, 2009

Knowing me

So let's start...Most of the times I travel not for leisure but to find stories, working as journalist has limit me to see what most people see on the tourist trail, a busy traveler ('',)

But as such, I often get a different insight into places and people that many other travelers do not have chance to see.Then I write.

However considering this as a travel blog, my writing is not comprehensive on what to do or what to see in each places. Rather it's more on the story that I value.

And most of the stories that you read here are the collection of stories written in the past. But as frequent traveler I will try to be more 'up to date' in the future. Sharing and telling stories about people and places.

And please don't mind my poor English because I've been writing in Bahasa since 5 years after I left university (IIUM).

I also understand that not everybody read the paper so it would be nice if somebody from outsite country would love to see what this country and this writer has to share.

Maybe something in my story can help inspire someone or motivate them to get through some rough times or push forward in their lives.

One thing, after frequent of travels I found meeting people are alot more interesting compare to what we can enjoy in place people normally call destination. Some are really nice and beautiful people.

I also have a huge collection of travel photos that I will continously share in my 'pictorials', with some can be downloaded.

Another thing, my intention of my blogging is to share and to get back from you.

What I mean is sharing a platform, as you know that I write for newspaper in travel and recreation section, so maybe some of you guys wanna go big and have your story written.

So just drop me a line to contribute some interesting story and we will work it out on newspaper. Or just drop me a line for anything.

For now if you come here but nothing much you see, please come again sometimes because I will post story from times to times.

I hope you all enjoy my work here, and yes I like feedback.
Feel free to contact me... (>..<)

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