Dec 3, 2011

Cameron Higlands

Some clips I took in Cameron Highlands recently... Still a nice place to visit,getting away from busy KL. When was your last visit to CH? After 3 years, now I see a lot of changes there, the town is developing fast..more n more shops were builds. And for sure during the school holidays, traffic is a headache. Yes, CH is still cold in the morning, but maybe after 10am you will feel that you dont need your warmer anymore. "Its getting hotter now bcos of the global warming. No doubt about it," says old Chinese women infront of her shop. Her thick clothes are not selling like 10 years ago, hardly sell say said.
If you are into scenary and not shopping, go to BOH Tea Plantation in Sungai Palas, the road to Brinchang.Worth a visit rather than staying in a buzy town. This area also one of the most photographed in CH.
For a cheap accomodation, you can go to Taman Sedia, where you can find plenty of homestay, Ros Chalet in Taman Sedia for example offer a room from RM70 pernight.

Here is another video i made in CH during the same trip, actually it almost the same with the clips i show above, just this one i play around with color editting in Vegas Pro, so that it will look like a film / cinematic video. Still i have alots to learn in video editting.. It just for fun, I'mateur!!!

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